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Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings and the
Middle Earth

What’s the significance of the Tolkien's literary works for a musician? A lot, if it brings him to become a composer....

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"Towards Minas Tirith" in printing

The first disk of the cycle Tolkieniana - Musical Journey in the Middle Earth is in printing stage and will be avalaible from june 1, 2004.

The first Compact Disk contains 20 musical pieces, of which 10 of pure music, 1 song with the singing of Giuseppe Festa (Lingalad) and 8 poems, with music too, of Frodo Baggins himself (thanks to Davide Perino, the Elijah Wood voice in Italy), and a bonus track: over 54 minutes of music.

On this page you can see the list of the musical pieces.

Howard Shore in Concert

A big event in Antwerp, Belgium, the next 16 april 2004: Howard Shore present a simphonic concert with the music soundtrack for the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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Tolkien50Years: a concert in Brussells

On 23rd March, during Tolkien50Years, the most important tolkenian event of 2004,
my piano concert (with Lingalad) and the presentation on the first CD
of my musical cycle inspired by the Tolkien's literary works.

Tolkieniana: Musical journey in Middle-Heart
First record: towards Minas Thirit