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3 Tolkieniana:
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A little history
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Tolkieniana: the first CD is Ready

The first CD of the cycle Tolkieniana, Musical Journey in the Middle Earth, "Towards Minas Thirit", has been officially presented in the Theatre of the Italian Culture Centre, Brussells, during Tolkien50Years, and it will avalaible from June 1, 2004.

From this page you can read the poems that Frodo performs in the CD and the relative translations, some news about the music pieces and download some little example too. Enjoy!

Here we are!

After many evenings and nights of huge work, I can say to better understand wich tiredness Frodo and Sam have felt in the Lands of Mordor :-)

The first Compact Disk contains 20 musical pieces, of which 10 of pure music, 1 song with the singing of Giuseppe Festa (Lingalad) and 8 poems, with music too, of Frodo Baggins himself (thanks to Davide Perino, the Elijah Wood's voice in Italy), and a bonus track.

Beyond 54 minutes of music, where I hope and believe to have been able to transmit the wonderful sensations and emotions that the Tolkien's reading has donated to me.

TOLKIENIANA - Musical Journey in the Middle Heart
DISCO PRIMO: Towards Minas Tirith

01) Frodo: Prologo (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 32"
02) Towards the Grey Havens [Verso i Porti Grigi]
10' 50"
03) The Passage of the King [Il Passaggio del Re]
03' 31"
04) Frodo: Bilbo (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 24"
05) Bilbo's Theme [Il Tema di Bilbo]
01' 34"
06) Elves Dances [Danze di Elfi]
01' 44"
07) Frodo: The Wood [Il Bosco] (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 28"
08) The Wood of Ents [Il Bosco degli Ent]
10' 49"
09) Frodo: Lúthien (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 22"
10) Lúthien Tinúviel
03' 17"
11) Frodo: The Mirror [Lo Specchio] (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 28"
12) The Mirror of Galadriel [Lo Specchio di Galadriel]
03' 00"
13) The Song of the Morning [Canto del Mattino]
02' 42"
14) Frodo: Goldberry [Baccador] (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 18"
15) Goldberry [Baccador]
02' 26"
16) The Plans of Rohan [Le Pianure di Rohan]
05' 50"
17) Frodo: Arriving at the Havens [Arrivando ai Porti] (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 31"
18) The Last Song of Frodo [L'Ultima Canzone di Frodo] (voice e Flute: Giuseppe Festa)
02' 57"
19) Frodo: Towards Valinor [Verso Valinor] (voice: Davide Perino)
00' 55"
20) Bonus Track: Party at Bag End [Festa in Casa Baggins] (first minute)
00' 58"
Durata totale del disco:
54' 05"

Work in progress for the future CDs

Titolo ( [S] = download an example)
Status (1 aprile 2004)
Beyond the Great Sea
[Al di la' de Grande Mare]
In composition (Disk II)
Party in Bag Ends
[Festa in Casa Baggins]
[S1] [S2] [S3] [S4] [S5]
Composed, in arrangement (Disk II)
17'30" about
Hobbiville (variations on Greensleves)
[Hobbiville (variazioni su Greensleves)]
In composition (Disk II)
06'00" about
Moria In composition (Disk II)
Rivendell (Gran Burrone) Composed, in arrangement (Disk II)
08'00" about
Storie Lontane Composed, in arrangement (Disk II)
03'15" about
Tema degli Olifanti Composed, in arrangement (Disk II)
01'10" about
Temporary total of all the cycle
1h 37'36" about

"The Wood of Ents"
(The March towards Isengard, first 24 seconds)



  • Master Keyboard: Roland XP-30 64 voice expandable Synthetizer
  • Master Keyboard: Yamaha Clavinova CLP-560
  • Roland S-750 Digital Sampler
  • Scheda Digidesign Sample Cell Nu-Bus with 32MB di RAM mounted on:
  • Apple Power PC 8100/100 con 128 MB di RAM
  • Mixer Roland M-12E 12 Channel
  • Motu 828 Firewire Audio Interface
  • Roland UA-30 USB Audio Interface
  • Midiman Midisport Interface USB 4*4
  • Apple Powerbook G3 500 Mhz 768 MB RAM 20GB Hard Disk
  • Hard Disk 120GB Lacie External Firewire
  • Hard Disk 80GB QSP External Firewire


  • Midi and Audio sequencer: Mark of The Unicorn Digital Performer
  • Postproduzione Audio: Steinberg Nuendo